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Laurie left the Semi-Conductor industry as an IT Manager of 1st Line Support after 27 years.  She has well over 22 years as a licensed Realtor in California and Arizona. Laurie's focus changed in 2013 when she attended the her first Five Rings Financial National Training Camp.  "I was amazed at how positive and inviting everyone is who belongs to Five Rings Financial."

Laurie has been instrumental in expanding opportunities for women in the financial industry for over 5 years. Her experience combined with her unique ability to break down difficult topics into easy to understand concepts for any audience sets her apart as a speaker and trainer. Her dedication to serving her clients and focusing on education have allowed her to move up through the ranks at Five Rings Financial to Regional Vice President.  She serves her community with passion and absolutely loves to help inspire women (and the men they love) to gain knowledge and create a brighter financial future for themselves and their families.

Laurie is an avid hiker & Harley Davidson rider, enjoys a spirited game of raquetball, adores spending time with her Grandchildren, and loves being in the water and being of service to her Church.


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Bill is retired from the Department of Defense and has over 20 years’ experience as an Entrepreneur, Franchise Owner, Realtor, Real Estate Investor and Mortgage Loan Officer. In 2011 his focus changed to educate people about how money really works; because the everyday Middle American has not been exposed to the fundamentals of how money works, in a simple way.  “Asset Protection, Safe Retirement Accumulation, Business Preservation and Living Benefits which should be available to everyone! That’s what we do.”

Bill has an extensive back ground in new agent recruiting, agency expansion, building successful business teams and training people new to the financial industry. “It is absolutely my biggest pleasure to help people develop their practice in this rewarding career by aligning with a company (and people) whose philosophies and values create a fulfilling work environment and abundantly successful career.”

Bill is an avid Harley Davidson rider, enjoys golf, hiking, playing with his Grandchildren and Service Dog Lance, being in the water and being of service to his Church. He can be found speaking and training at numerous venues in Arizona.


Laurie & Bill Sherman

Regional Vice President's

Laurie: 480.586.4235

Bill:      480.586.4234

Phoenix, Arizona