Fi​ve Rings Arizona

Our Financial Professionals are required to always place our clients’ interests above their own. We believe that doing the right thing for our client is always the primary and most fundamental priority in serving our clients.  If we have successfully satisfied our clients, our compensation will follow.  It is never about the money, it is always about doing the right thing!

The terms Fiduciary and Suitability are just that…they are terms and words; neither holds much credibility unless the individual behind them is credible, honest and trustworthy.  Registered Investment Advisor (RIA’s) use the term Fiduciary as if it was the Holy Grail however, the fiduciary responsibility still rests with an individual and not so much as a credential or title as identified below.

Two major market crashes (2001 & 2008), one financial crisis and three Ponzi schemes later (Madoff, Stanford and Petters), it is understandable that consumers are bewildered when it comes to selecting a Financial professional.  Below are some tips on how one goes about selecting a financial professional:

  1. Does the Financial Professional place your needs and interests above their own?
  2. Does the Financial Professional understand your needs?
  3. Does the Financial Professional explain their products and instruments to you in a way that you truly understand what they are telling you?
  4. ​Are the instruments and products offered coming from “A” Rated companies?

How To Choose A Financial Professional